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Bloom Hub – ORR Marathahalli_Bangalore

Bloom Hub, located at ORR Marathahalli in Bangalore, is a contemporary co-living space that redefines urban living. Designed for modern professionals and students, this hub offers thoughtfully curated shared accommodations with a focus on community and convenience. With well-furnished rooms, shared lounges, and modern amenities, Bloom Hub provides a dynamic environment for social interaction and collaboration.

Its strategic location along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in Marathahalli ensures easy connectivity to tech parks, educational institutions, and entertainment hubs. Residents can experience the perks of a vibrant community, engage in events and workshops, and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free living. Whether you’re seeking a comfortable abode or a platform for networking, Bloom Hub offers a fresh perspective on communal living. Please note that details might have evolved since my last update in September 2021.

  • Community Engagement: Participate in a variety of community events, workshops, and networking opportunities organized by Bloom Hub. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and foster new friendships in this dynamic co-living environment.
  • Exploration and Connectivity: Take advantage of the hub’s strategic location near ORR Marathahalli to explore nearby tech parks, shopping centers, and entertainment options. The convenient connectivity ensures easy access to the city’s vibrant offerings while enjoying the comfort of modern shared accommodations.
  • About: Staying at Bloom Hub provides a contemporary co-living experience, offering well-furnished shared accommodations designed for community engagement. Residents can enjoy modern amenities and a vibrant environment that fosters networking and convenience.


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