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First Interactive MUSIC Museum

The Indian Music Experience (IME) in Bangalore is an interactive museum dedicated to Indian music. It showcases a wide range of musical instruments, exhibits, and interactive activities. Visitors can explore the history, genres, and cultural significance of Indian music. The IME offers hands-on experiences, live performances, workshops, and a resource center. It’s a must-visit for music lovers and those interested in Indian cultural heritage.

Time and Entry Fees:

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, here are the general timings and entry fees for the Indian Music Experience (IME) in Bangalore. However, please note that these details may have changed, so it’s advisable to check the official website or contact the museum directly for the most up-to-date information:


  • The IME is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • The museum operates from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entry Fees:

  • Adult (above 12 years): INR 250
  • Child (5 to 12 years): INR 150
  • Senior Citizen (above 60 years): INR 150
  • College Student (with valid ID): INR 150

Please note that there may be additional charges for special exhibitions, workshops, or events. It’s always recommended to verify the timings and fees before your visit to avoid any inconvenience.

Other Features of the Museum

In addition to the exhibits and interactive activities, the Indian Music Experience (IME) in Bangalore offers several other features:

  1. Concerts and Performances: IME hosts live performances by renowned musicians, showcasing various genres of Indian music. Visitors can enjoy concerts, recitals, and performances that highlight the richness and diversity of Indian musical traditions.
  2. Workshops and Masterclasses: The museum organizes workshops and masterclasses where visitors can learn from experts and gain hands-on experience in playing musical instruments, understanding rhythms, or exploring specific aspects of Indian music.
  3. Educational Programs: IME offers educational programs designed for schools and educational institutions. These programs provide a deeper understanding of Indian music, its history, and cultural significance through guided tours, interactive sessions, and engaging activities.
  4. Research and Documentation: The museum serves as a resource center for researchers, scholars, and music enthusiasts. It houses an extensive collection of books, recordings, and archival material related to Indian music, facilitating research and documentation of this rich heritage.
  5. Digital Technology: IME incorporates interactive digital technology throughout the museum to enhance the visitor experience. This includes interactive touchscreens, audio guides, and multimedia presentations that provide additional information, recordings, and visuals.
  6. Museum Shop: The IME has a museum shop where visitors can purchase a variety of music-related merchandise, including books, CDs, DVDs, musical instruments, and souvenirs, allowing them to take a piece of Indian music culture home with them.
  7. Special Events and Exhibitions: The museum occasionally hosts special events and temporary exhibitions that delve deeper into specific aspects of Indian music, such as regional music traditions, legendary musicians, or unique instruments. These events provide an opportunity to explore niche topics and lesser-known aspects of Indian music.
  8. Collaboration and Outreach: IME collaborates with artists, musicians, cultural organizations, and academic institutions to promote Indian music and engage with a wider audience. It actively participates in outreach programs, festivals, and cultural events to create awareness and appreciation for Indian music.

These features collectively make the Indian Music Experience a vibrant and dynamic institution that celebrates the rich heritage of Indian music while fostering learning, exploration, and engagement among visitors of all ages.

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