Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo, also known as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India. Located in Mysore, Karnataka, it was established in 1892 and spans across a vast area of around 157 acres. The zoo is renowned for its rich biodiversity and houses a diverse collection of animals, making it a significant tourist attraction.

The Mysore Zoo is home to over 150 species of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Visitors can witness a wide range of fascinating creatures such as tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, snakes, and numerous species of birds. The zoo places a strong emphasis on conservation and education, actively participating in breeding programs and wildlife research.

Apart from providing a safe haven for animals, the zoo also offers various recreational activities for visitors. It features a well-maintained botanical garden, a lake, and a small aquarium. The zoo authorities have also incorporated innovative measures to ensure a comfortable experience for both visitors and animals, such as spacious enclosures, naturalistic habitats, and informative signboards.

Overall, Mysore Zoo stands as a prominent destination for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and families alike. Its commitment to conservation, wide variety of animal species, and well-maintained facilities make it a cherished attraction, contributing to both entertainment and education about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.


Timings : 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Closed on Tuesdays.

Time Required : 3 hours

Entry Fee : Adult: INR 50 (Weekdays), INR 60 (Weekend), Child (5-12 yr): INR 20 (Weekdays), INR 30 (Weekend)

  • Mysore Zoo, originally known as the Palace Zoo, was established in 1892 by the Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Chamarajendra Wadiyar. The zoo was initially intended to be a private menagerie within the premises of the Mysore Palace. However, it was later opened to the public in 1902 and gradually expanded to its current size.
  • Over the years, Mysore Zoo has gained recognition for its significant contributions to wildlife conservation and research. The zoo has been actively involved in breeding programs for endangered species, such as the Indian rhinoceros, gaur, and white tiger. It has also partnered with several national and international organizations to promote conservation initiatives and enhance animal welfare. Through its efforts, the zoo has become an important center for education and raising awareness about the importance of wildlife preservation.
  • One of the best aspects of Mysore Zoo is its remarkable collection of diverse animal species. Visitors can witness a wide range of fascinating creatures, including majestic tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, and various species of birds. The zoo’s extensive collection provides an opportunity for visitors to observe and appreciate the beauty and diversity of wildlife up close, making it an enriching and memorable experience for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers.


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