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Ranga Shankara, located in Jayanagar, Bangalore, is a renowned theater and cultural hub in the city. Established in 2004, Ranga Shankara is dedicated to promoting and showcasing Indian and international theater performances, making it a vibrant platform for artists, theater enthusiasts, and the local community.

The theater hosts a wide range of theatrical productions, including plays, dramas, musicals, and dance performances, featuring both established and emerging artists. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and comfortable seating, Ranga Shankara provides a memorable experience for theatergoers. Apart from performances, it also conducts workshops, seminars, and festivals to foster creativity and engage with the theater community. Ranga Shankara has become a significant landmark in Jayanagar, contributing to the city’s cultural landscape and enriching the artistic fabric of Bangalore.

Things To Do:

  1. Watch a Theater Performance: The primary attraction of Ranga Shankara is the opportunity to watch captivating theater performances. Check their schedule and book tickets to witness a diverse range of plays, dramas, and cultural performances. From thought-provoking dramas to entertaining comedies, Ranga Shankara offers a platform for both local and international theater artists to showcase their talent.
  2. Attend Workshops and Events: Ranga Shankara conducts various workshops, seminars, and events related to theater and performing arts. These sessions provide a chance to engage with professionals in the field, learn new skills, and explore different aspects of theater. Keep an eye on their calendar for workshops on acting, playwriting, stagecraft, and more. It’s a great opportunity for theater enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge and passion for the performing arts.
  3. Explore the Surrounding Area: Located in Jayanagar, Ranga Shankara is surrounded by vibrant streets, eateries, and shops. After enjoying a theater performance or participating in a workshop, take a stroll in the neighborhood. Discover local cafes, restaurants, and street food stalls that offer a variety of cuisines. You can also explore nearby parks and markets for a relaxed and enjoyable time in the vicinity.

Ranga Shankara offers a dynamic and enriching experience for theater lovers and individuals interested in the performing arts. Immerse yourself in the world of theater, engage with like-minded individuals, and embrace the cultural offerings of Jayanagar, Bangalore.


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