Regional Museum of Natural History Mysore

The Regional Museum of Natural History in Mysore is a captivating museum that showcases the rich biodiversity and ecological heritage of South India. Established in 1995, the museum aims to create awareness and educate visitors about the diverse flora and fauna of the region. The museum’s exhibits feature a wide range of specimens, dioramas, and interactive displays that provide insights into the natural history of the Western Ghats, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and other surrounding ecosystems.

The Regional Museum of Natural History offers a fascinating journey through the region’s geological history, evolution, and the interconnectedness of various species. It also emphasizes the importance of conservation and environmental protection. With its engaging and informative displays, the museum appeals to people of all ages, making it an excellent destination for students, nature enthusiasts, and families seeking to deepen their understanding of the natural world. Visitors can explore the museum’s diverse collections, learn about endemic species, and gain a greater appreciation for the ecological treasures of South India.


  • General Visitors: Rs. 10
  • Students (with ID): Rs. 5
  • Children (3 to 12 years): Rs. 2
  • Children (below 3 years): Free
last update in September 2021
  • Explore the Fascinating Exhibits: Immerse yourself in the diverse world of South India’s natural history by exploring the museum’s captivating exhibits. From life-sized dioramas to interactive displays, learn about the region’s unique ecosystems, wildlife, and geological wonders.
  • Attend Educational Programs: Participate in educational programs and workshops offered by the museum to deepen your understanding of environmental conservation and sustainable practices. These programs cater to visitors of all ages, making it an enriching experience for students, families, and nature enthusiasts alike.


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